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Press Statement Released at Press Conference
Add Off Alow  NEW
Vehicle Advance Rules for Club Members  NEW
Campaign for Revival of lapsed policies from 5th Aug 2013 to 31st OCT 2013  NEW
Market Plus I Plan No 191  NEW
KNOW HOW TO MAKE USE OF THE ECS Mode of Premium Payment for your Policy Holders and Enhance your NB  NEW
Income Tax rebate under LICs Health Plus Plan901  NEW
Money Plus Plan No 193  NEW
LICs Circular on Jeevan Sathi  NEW
LICs 13th General Council Meeting  NEW
Profit Plus Plan No 188 and 2178 - 1  NEW
Jeevan Saathi Plus Plan No 197  NEW
to Download Likely changes in Rules for Special Medical Report  NEW
Likely changes in Rules for Special Medical Report  NEW
Withdrawl Plans by LIC in Phased Manner  NEW
Rate of interest under various financial transactions for the financial year 2008-09  NEW
Chief Life Insurance Advisor  NEW
Agenda for Srinagars Meeting  NEW
Approval of LUGI Convention in lieu of CM Club Convention  NEW
Airfare for MDRT Meeting to Corporate Club Members  NEW
Agents Portal Application Form  NEW
Repository System  NEW
Introduction Of Lics Child Fortune Plus  NEW
Child Fortune Plus Plan No 194  NEW
Special Revival Campaign from 5 Aug 2013 to 31 Oct 2013  NEW
ZM Club Members out of pocket  NEW
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LIAFI Meets President of India

Welcome to LIAFI

  • 1 Various Entrances to the Conference named after Past LIAFI Leaders who dedicated their life time for the cause of LIAFI
  • 2 President SB Sreenivasa Chary being ceremonially received at the General Body Meet
  • 3 Traditional Launch of the GB Meet with Jyothi Prajwalan and Shankharavam
  • 4 The Lady deligates and Leaders Lighting the Lamp
  • 5 Ever Green Champion of LIAFI, Past President B N Chary addressing the Gathering
  • 5 Packed Audience with Rapt Attention
  • 5 A Section of the delegates
  • 5 Another Section of Delegates
  • 5 Another Section of the Deligates
  • 5 Shri V K Dubey proclaimed as ILU Editor
  • 5 Singarapu Srinivas Elected as President South Central Zonal Council , being greeted by Shyamal Chakraborty Secretary General LIAFI
  • 5 Reelected Secretary Genral Shyamal Chakraborty seeking blessings of LIAFI Past President Sri B N Chary
  • 5 LIAFI Leaders from Greeting Sri SB Sreenivasa Chary on his Reelection for Presidentship
  • 5 Oye.. Balle Balle... Chary ji di Jeet, Sacchayi di Jeet.... A jubilient Charanjit Singh Gujral holdingup the President's hand.
  • 5 The LIAFI President and Secretary Cheering the Participants on their Reelection @ the 2012 LIAFI General Body Meeting, Kolkata
  • 5 We swear on Oath to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of LIAFI and commit ourselves for the Cause of LIC Agents

Enhancement of Loan Quantum under Agents (Club Members) Housing Loan Scheme

LIAFI has been playing a noteworthy role in protecting the interests of lakhs of LIC Agents across the country since 2nd October, 1964. Our dedicated efforts have seen several historic decisions being implemented that have greatly enhanced the quality of agentís life.

Little wonder, every LIC. Agent across the country celebrates 2nd October with a passion that borders on pride and patriotism.

LIAFI is always concerned about the problems of Policy Holders and is striving hard to secure full time professional status for Life Insurance Agency career in the country, so that it gets the respect it deserves to perform its work with honour and dignity.

With the active and strong support of the Agents Community, LIAFI is confident of protecting and securing more rightful benefits to the Agents Community of India.

As we look ahead, we look to protect and usher in a more decent life for our policy holders and agents...

 L2 all Zones Division Options to be exercised by CMs
 Pension Plan for LIC Agents Group Samvardhan-1
 Revised Club Rules for Agents 2010-11
  Vehicle Advance Rules for Club Members - Modification         MARRIAGE ADVANCE ENHANCEMENT CIRCULAR        
LIAFI-Voices to Finance Minister  NEW
LIAFI-Seeking Discussion on Revised Club Rules  NEW
All in One LICs New Plan - Jan 2014   NEW
Vehicle Advance Rules for Club Members - Modification  NEW
Add Off Alow  NEW

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